Velvet Drive Transmissions     there have been many models over the years

       Including the older  Borg Warner Velvet Drive   Styles  such as the 71C and 72C Series Groups

                                   Give us -  the model number and  the Serial Number  for Parts

                             Federal Marine has been a trusted Velvet Drive supplier since  Mid 1950's



 Paragon Gears   ( and Chris Craft models )  parts and service

 Paragon  Gears            Paragon Transmission Parts

                                    Paragon Gear Works  started making  Marine Transmissions in the early  1900's     

                                                                    Many Models and styles were made

 Mechanical  Units  OXK   1XE   2XE   3XE  35XE   4XE      G-series,   and  SAO   SA1  for Westerbeke   

 Hydraulic  Series    HF2 ,  HF3 ,    HF 7 ,    HJ7 ,    P-300  and  P400  Series   PM , PMB , PL  Group  &  V-Drives                                                  New Transmissions are no longer available      Call for parts                                                            Federal Marine    supplying Paragon parts and services to Marinas, Boat Yards, Mechanics and Boaters  for 74 years  

     We have been supplying  Paragon Parts  and Services      for Many Many Years-  Federal Marine Paragon parts

        and while there are no longer any new Paragon transmissions-  some parts are still available-  depending on model

        Please supply   Model and Serial#  and Ratio        also year,  Engine model       We have the experience  and will do our best 



Hurth / ZF  Transmissions       ZF Transmissions 

                   Many Models....exist and have existed over the years.      ZF  produces  high quality Transmissions     

                   and V-Drives  in a huge range of applications.   Model and Serial#   Spec#  and  Ratio are needed     

                   for parts to and search for replacement units.                                                                                                   

                         from        HBW  and ZF  Mechanical  Group  to  Hydraulic  HSW  and  ZF   Hydraulic  Groups               



Walters  V-Drives

    The Walter Machine Co has been producing high quality V-Drives   for over 60 years

Independent (remote)  Mount   or   Direct Mount  units,  built with precision ground helical gears and quality control